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Participating Projects

Assessing established and alternative citation, attribution and impact metrics for scientific software through data mining and direct tracking methods.

NSF 1448069

PI:  Piotr Sliz

Policy Fellow:  Andrew Morin

Institution:  SBGrid Consortium, Harvard Medical School

Citation++: Data citation, provenance, and documentation

NSF 1448123

PIs:  Margo Seltzer, Mercé Crosas, Gary King

Institutions:  Dataverse, Harvard University

Collaborative Research: Comprehensive Citation Across the Data Life Cycle Using DDI.

NSF 1448127, NSF 1448107

PIs:  Larry Hoyle, Mary Vardigan

Institutions:  IPSR, University of Kansas; Data Documentation Initiative, University of Michigan


Developing Standards for Data Citation and Attribution for Reproducible Research in Linguistics.

NSF 1447886 - workshop

PIs: Andrea Berez-Kroeker, Gary Holton, Peter Pulsifer, Susan Kung.

Institutions:  Universites of Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, and Texas

Development of software citation methodology for open source computational science.

NSF 1448633

PIs:  Louise Kellogg, Joseph Dumit, MacKenzie Smith, Lorraine Hwang

Institutions: University of California, Davis

Making Data Count: Developing a Data Metrics Pilot.

NSF 14488221

PI: Stephen Abrams (formerly Patricia Cruse)

Institutions: California Digital Library, UC Curation Center, University of California

Tracing the Use of Research Resources using Persistent Citable Identifiers

NSF 1448480

PIs:  Matthew Mayernik, Keith Maull

Institutions:  University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Workshop on Supporting Scientific Discovery through Norms and Practices for Software and Data Citation and Attribution.

NSF 1448360

PIs:  Stanley Ahalt, Thomas Carsey.

Instiutions:  Renaissance Computing Institute, University of North Carolina


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